Hello world!


I am Steven Williams. I love Bette, cats, books, cooking and baking, writing, and asking questions.

My blog is basically philosophical explorations of those things which I find interesting, important, or puzzling. The fields of philosophy that I mainly focus on are philosophy of mind, philosophy of religion, philosophy of science, ethics, philosophy of language, and a bit of epistemology (theory of knowledge). My philosophy is informed by science, so you will find the findings of science being used when needed.

As you would find out by reading my individual blogs I am a metaphysical naturalist, and an atheist (part and parcel of being a metaphysical naturalist), a scientific realist, a determinist, a pragmatist, skeptic of that which has no evidences and coherent reasons, and, of course, a questioner.

I hope that you will find my posts to be interesting, and I hope that you might gain some profit by reading and questioning what I have wrote. I appreciate all comments, which I try to respond to in somewhat of a reasonable time frame. If you want to know further references for things I have state in any of my blogs, I will do my best to provide them, but I cannot promise, since some things I have read about I have loss track of.


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