Can You Cook Yourself through Life?

This blog post will be another of my explorations of metaphors about life. So, let me cook up something for you and feed your brain. I have all sorts of things stewing in the back of my mind. I will just have to be careful I do not cook my brains on metaphors. So, in this post I will try to relate some cooking metaphors for life. I will also be relating cooking’s associate, baking, and the metaphors that can be given for this activity.

The following are some cooking and baking terms presented in sentences, used outside of their main use in cooking and baking:

“I am boiling mad.”

Chop, chop,” as in hurry up, get a move on it.

Beat the bush.”

“Just to clarify things.”

“He really got creamed,” as when somebody really got hit.

“She was cured of cancer.”

“We need to dissolve this financial relationship.”

“That is grating.”

“Life’s a grind.”

“Back to old grindstone.”

“She was lukewarm to his attentions.”

“I’m in a pickle.”

“I got to reduce this clutter.”

“The debate was rendered mute.”

“They roasted him at the awards dinner.”

“She scalded her son for . . .”

“He scored a point in the debate.”

“Her life was being torn to shreds.”

“He was steaming; he was so mad.”

“His life was steeped in books.”

“He stewed over crashing his car, like a bone head.”

“The crowd was all stirred up.”

“She tossed her ideas in to the pot at the meeting.”

“You seriously need to chill.”

“That cuts deep.”

“Boy I am whip.”

“The situation is quite dicey.”

“I am completely drained.”

“Your toast.”

“The squeaky wheel gets the grease.”

“My heart just melts when you cry.”

“He made mincemeat out of me.”

“It hits me right in the pit of my stomach.”

“I got to sift through all these papers.”

“It really whipped me up into a lather.”

“I got a bone to pick with you.”

“Do you have to dredge that up now?”

“I got to get dressed.”

“It is seared into my brain.”

“I have a zest for life.”

I hope you get the idea. For the rest I guess, “I’ll have to put those on the backburner; that’s the way the cookie crumbles.”

What’s cooking?



4 thoughts on “Can You Cook Yourself through Life?

  1. Fun post, Steven! I wonder how many of those terms applied originally to other concepts then were folded into cooking lingo? One totally inconsequential, nitpicky little point that I make simply because it’s such a common error that only word snobs like me are aware of it: a debate (or a point) is rendered moot, not mute.

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    1. Thanks Denny,

      I do not how many, but I thought about the same thing as I was writing. Perfectly alright for you to point out any corrections you may have. It was an oops, not that I did not know it was supposed to spelled “moot.”

      Thanks again

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